Thank you for accessing needed documents here. You are able to download or print and fill in documents from here. You may also pick up these forms at the office or have them emailed to you at your request- just give us a call!

*The Client Data Sheet saves you time at the office filling in requested annual information added to your tax profile.*  Please do not email these to us, but bring them in with your tax documents for preparation.

Client Data Sheet

  1. Client Data Sheet

End of Year Documents

  1. 1099 Explanation

1099 Information and Forms

  1. 1099 Letter
  2. Form to Document 1099 Requirements
  3. W-9

Supporting Documents for Dependents and Credits

The IRS has increased scrutiny of claims for dependents, certain credits, and the Head of Household filing status.  Because of this, you must be able to substantiate your eligibility to claim these items, even if you have not been asked to provide it in the past.

The IRS requires this annually.

Failing to provide substantiation could result in fines, penalties, and accrued interest for you and could jeopardize your tax preparer’s hard earned credentials.

  1. Head of Household Supporting Documents
  2. Dependency Supporting Documents
  3. Earned Income Credit Supporting Documents